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Ronit Adam sculptor  


Ronit Adam, was born and raised in Israel. As a child spent 3 years in the USA with her family and there first discovered her natural connection with different forms of natural materials. Ronit studied and earned her high school diploma in the “Wizo Zarfat” secondary school in Tel Aviv majoring in art, its theory and practice -drawing, painting and sculpting. Following a 2 year military service, Ronit began her academic studies in The Tel Aviv University arts department eager to broaden her knowledge, scope and depth within the field and earned her BA in The History of the Arts. Within the years 1989-1991 Ronit furthered her knowledge and experience studying in a sculpture artist class in Neuilly France. It was there that she also first exhibited and sold her own works of art. Upon her return home to Israel in 1991, Ronit established a small sculpting studio in her home teaching classes of all ages,  that over the years grew to a vibrant spacious studio and business in the outskirts of town. Over the past 8 years Ronit has been specializing in sculpting in stone, working primarily with Zeev Karisher in Kibbutz Hazor. Ronit has recently closed down her sculpting studio and focus fully on sculpting in stone.


Past exhibitions:


1990 – Group exhibition, The Neuilly Town Hall

1991 – Sculpture Exhibition

2001 – Arts Group exhibition – “Ksharim – Connections” Yavne Arts Gallery

2003 – “The Yavne Artists” exhibition – Sculpting & Painting arts class

2007 – Group exhibition “Renewel” in Yavne

2007 – “Women” Exhibit in Rishon Le-Zion

2013 – Group exhibition “In the Eye of the beholder” Raanana

2014 – Group exhibition “Connected”

2015 - 19TH Shanghai art fair

2016 - Solo Exhibition in 'Artist house' TLV 

2017 - Artist wall 'The power of softness' in Yavne Arts Gallery

2019 - Solo Exhibition 'In resemblance' inYavne Arts Gallery


The monk/serenity
Shopping bag / marble / 25x9
Goat's head / 40x35
Baba yaga/ Local stone / 40x24x15
Pebble wallet / Pebble / 10x8
Package / marble / 22x15
Roomi's falafel / Pebble / 12x12
Sunny side up egg / 43x20
paint tube / Local Stone / 30x14
paint tube / Local Stone / 30x14
Pile of books / marble / 22x27
Dipping/ Turkish marble / 30x20x7
Kitchen Towel / Limestone / 43X20
paint tube / Local Stone / 30x14
Sand bags  / marble / 20x14x9
Toothpaste / Limestone / 22x8
Giant paint tube / marble / 77x26x20
Package / Limestone / 22x15
Hand Bag / Local Stone from Arad
Hand Bag / Local Stone / 24x20x8
Tissue Box  / marble / 20x25x13
Bathing woman / marble / 50x27x81
Present / marble / 15x15
Shirt  / marble / 40x26x5
Hand Bag / Local Stone / 30x27x14
Towel / marble / 21x19
Flor cloth/ marble / 51x32x10
Tissue box / marble / 12x27x10
Slippers / Local stone / 24x10x12
Toilet paper / marble / 11x18
Matches/ Marble / 34x25x13
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